Cozmo- 5.0%

This easy drinker is available in 12-packs in house and in the market

Available Jan–Dec

Fuzzy smack - 4.0-5.0%

Enjoy a mixed 12-pack of refreshing sours including Fuzzy Smack, Passionfruit Smack, Guava Gose Smack, and Smack That

Available Jan–Dec

Hop Prism Blue - 7.3%

This ray of sunshine IPA is now in 12oz cans available to go in 12-packs.

Available Jan–Dec

Summer Gummy - 6.8-10%

The Summer variety pack of our Gummy series Hazy IPAS features a 8-pack of You Big Gummy, Fluffy Gummy, Mosaic Gummy, and Let's Gummy

Available Summer

Fuzzy Smack Berliner Weiss with Peach

Fuzzy smack - 4.6%

Berliner Weiss with peach. Crisp and refreshing, a gentle fuzzy rub before the smack of the bursting peach flavor.

Available Jan–Dec


Hefeweizen. Unfiltered & refreshing German-style wheat beer. Cloudy, golden hue with yeast providing aromas of banana, citrus & clove. Wheat malt lend grainy, bready flavor.

Available Jan–Dec

Noon Whistle Cozmo Pale Ale

Cozmo Pale Ale - 5.0%

Falconer Flight hops give off a Grapefruit nose. Light orange hue from the malt makes this a balanced and crushable beer for the entire day.

Available Jan–Dec

Bruski - 4.6%

Bruski is a beautifully copper colored Traditional Lager. The malt makes this beer slightly sweet with toasted bready aromas and flavors that are balanced with saaz hops.

Available Jan–Dec

Hop Prism Blue - 7.3%

Our year round Hop Prism series offering, this Simcoe and Mosaic hopped India Pale Ale is like a ray of golden sunshine. A nicely balanced bitterness can only be described as dubiously delicious.

Available Jan–Dec

Dub Dub - 10.6%

Carefully crafted with Azacca, and Cashmere hops, this hazy IPA opens with aromas of tropical melon, pineapple, and peach. The intense flavors will take you on a journey filled with juicy citrus and a light hoppy finish.

Available Feb–April

Antique Synthesizers - 9.0%

Coming in bold at 9.0% this triple IPA is loaded with Citra, El Dorado, Chinook, and Mosaic hops. Immense blasts of tropical berry flavors and aromas make up this hazy. Part of the base consist of honey oat malts which help shape this well-balanced beer.

Available Sept-Dec

gummiskey - 6.8%

Triple dry hopped with Idaho 7, Azacca, and El Dorado. This hazy beer boasts tropical orchard flavors with a sweet orange malt hue and a citrus finish.

Available Sox Season

cubbie gummy - 6.1%

Hazy New England IPA loaded with Falconers Flight, Citra & Simcoe hops. Full bodied and the juicy mouthfeel will give you a burst of sunshine on cloudy and hazy game days.

Available Cubs Season

cherry pie - 6.5%

This Pastry Sour bears aromas of sweet cherries and vanilla that carry throughout your nose. Your first sip will have your mouth watering as the flavors of juicy cherry take over. A finishing touch of pie crust and brown sugar leave you with a satisfying aftertaste. It’s like taking a bite out of grandma’s homemade sweet cherry pie! Contains lactose.

Available April-July

not at the table carlos - 7.5%

Whilst strolling down an orchard field, the luscious fruity aromas of the new yeast, Cosmic Punch, gently waft through. The exquisite Cashmere hops from that first sip give off enriching melon flavors followed by a light blueberry candy from the Mosaic hop, finishing with a splash of pineapple from the Sultana hop. Making this sensuous beer your ultimate desire.

Available May-Aug

jam stand apricot mango pineapple - 6.5%

This fruited sour is bursting with Apricot, Mango and Pineapple flavors and has a nice tartness throughout.

Available June- Sept

Radical New Therapy - 7.4%

Radical New Therapy is a Double Hazy IPA that was made with Idaho 7, Nelson and Citra hops. These hops give off a strong citrus aroma with a punch of juicy tropical flavors and a faint note of earthy undertones.

Available July- Sept

Key Lime Pie - 6.5%

The inviting smells of this blonde ale are citrusy and sharp. The biscuit character from the malt provide the pie crust flavor; while the tart key lime puree and sweetening vanilla blend together nicely creating a flavor so graceful you won’t be able to put it down! Contains lactose.

Available Sept-Nov

Lit - 8.2%

We combined Noble and Hallertau hops to bring you an Imperial Pilsner. The strong malt character holds up great with the floral aroma and taste. Sip carefully with this one, or you might just get LIT.

Available Oct- Jan

Ladybug army - 7.2%

This beer embodies all the characters from the loads of the double dry hopped Cashmere, Vic Secret, and Citra hops. We loaded this beer with extra oats to make this beer extremely drinkable!

Available Nov- Feb

Noon Whistle Rubix

RUBIX - 7.2%

West Coast IPA. Clean, dry and nicely hopped West Coast influenced IPA. We used Simcoe, Vic Secret and Amarillo hops. Nice golden appearance and easy drinking.

pickle someone your own size - 5.0%

This one's for you, pickle lovers! Pickle Someone Your Own Size is a sour ale that is lightly hopped with Simcoe. The hops give off a light citrus flavor that pairs well with the tart and saltiness from the pickles. Oh, and did we mention it's LOADED with pickles. Make a toast, take a sip, and remember to always Pickle Someone Your Own Size!⁣

dodging traffic - 12.9%

A big Imperial Stout made with Coffee from our friends at Tugboat Coffee. It has red fruit notes that go together with the rich, malty, and sweet chocolate characters in the beer.