Noon Whistle Bog Theory


Cranberry Mint Saison. The cranberries give this beer vibrant color. The tartness from the fruit is smoothed by the mint, finishing with the noticeable recognizable elements of a Saison.

Noon Whistle Magie Noire


The Midnight Wheat used give this beer color without adding harsh bitterness from the darker malts. Mosaic hops pushes this Saison close to a black Belgian IPA.

Noon Whistle Anfanger


German Smoked Ale. Light copper color with a sweet caramel nose. Loaded with Vienna and Munich malts, then topped off with a touch of Cherry Smoked Malt giving it a surprising robust flavor, but remains easy drinking.

Noon Whistle Muscles

MUSCLES - 8.4%

Double IPA. The dark golden hue highlights the complex malt build followed by the distinctive aroma of Amarillo and Cascade hops. As you sip you get a nice amount of bitterness balanced with the sweetness from the honey malt used.

Noon Whistle Zabba Abba

ZABA ABBA - 7.3%

New England IPA. This juicy, unfiltered New England style IPA supports a great cause. Lotus Ranches & Hopunion have provided a unique blend of experimental hops used in the beer and in return, we donate $2 for every pint to Ales for ALS. Tropical aroma with complex layers from first sip to finish.

Noon Whistle Cabernet Face Smack

Cabernet Face Smack - 5.2%

Cabernet Barrel Aged Berliner Weiss Sour. Lactic sour bite at first sip with light malt nose. American Oak characteristics come through with a light fruity aroma and flavor. Get your face ready because it's about to get smacked!

Noon Whistle Cabernet Swanky Smack

Cabernet Swanky Smack - 5.9%

Mild sour nose gives off a small initial smack. Starts dry and crisp, finishing malty and sour with a nice acidic bite.

Noon Whistle BA Conan

BA Conan - 10.8%

The Conan yeast gives this Wheat Ale bitterness of an American Pale Ale. Dry hopped with Mandarin Bavaria hops from Hop Head Farms providing citrus hints throughout. Aged in Cabernet Barrels for a year, red wine characteristics come through nicely on nose and in mouthfeel.

Noon Whistle Alt Night Long

Alt Night Long - 5.8%

Collaboration with Imperial Oak Brewing.

Noon Whistle First Born

First Born - 4.2%


Noon Whistle Pound Sign


Session Belgian Dubbel.