Smack Series

Noon Whistle Guava Gose Smack Sour Wheat Ale

Guava Gose Smack - 4.0%

An intense sour smack is followed up with a salty and zesty finish, which comes from additions of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Coriander. Pear and strawberry flavors helps balance the beer. The salt in this beer lends to the very dry finish.

Available Mar–Jul

Noon Whistle Smack That

Smack That - 5.0%

As you drink this mild sour, you will get fresh hops throughout. The lead hop is Simcoe, followed by Galaxy and finished with a little Hallertau Blanc. The combination of mild bitterness and sour makes for a light and very refreshing beer.

Available Jul–Oct

Noon Whistle Swanky Smack Red Sour Ale

Swanky Smack - 5.9%

The sour nose will give you a small initial smack. Starts off dry and crisp finishing sour, malty and very smooth.

Available Nov–Feb

Hop Prism

Noon Whistle Hop Prism Turquoise India Pale Ale

Hop Prism Turquoise - 7.6%

This all Citra hopped IPA holds a nice golden color with citrus fruit and tropical notes coming from the abundance of Citra, rounding out with a balanced bitterness and refreshing finish.

Available Jan–Apr

Hop Prism Emerald Green

Hop Prism Emerald - 7.0%

Dry hopped with Centennial hops, this well-rounded IPA is another great addition to our Hop Prism series. Opening with a floral and citrus aroma, the balanced bitterness leaves you with a crisp and refreshing mouthfeel.

Available May–Aug

Noon Whistle Hop Prism Lazer Yellow India Pale Ale

Hop Prism Lazer Yellow - 6.4%

With aromas of passion fruit, lemon, grapefruit and pine coming from the abundance of Mosaic, Simcoe & Falconer's Flight hops, this India Pale is bright and clean with a classic hop-forward finish that leaves you coming back for another sip. Like a hoppy lazer beam zapping your tastebuds...PA-POW!

Available Oct–Dec