Gummypocalypse recall

Gummypocalypse Recall

To Our Customers – 

Unfortunately, we need to notify you of a recall on Gummypocalypse. This recall is for all canned 16oz 4-packs, with dates of May 2020 through July 2020. 

Why are we recalling?  

This particular batch contains a yeast that when not refrigerated may undergo a secondary fermentation that could increase air pressure in the can. The beer does not pose any health risk if consumed

What are we doing about it?

All of the product in question will be pulled from the shelf and returned to us or destroyed.  If you happen to have any Gummypocalypse at home please keep it refrigerated and drink it before the drink by date provided on the can OR return it to us for a refund. 

This is an isolated incident.  

We regularly send our beer to a testing facility for quality control and are confident the remaining beers in our portfolio pose no safety concerns.  Your trust in our product is paramount and we will continue to focus on product quality every day.  As part of the Naperville expansion, we have invested in an on-site lab to enhance our process and deliver the quality control we demand of our beer.  

I want to know more.  

We are happy to give more details on this and/or explain the return policy in more detail. Please reach out to and include in the subject “Recall”. 

Finally, we would like to apologize to our retail partners and beer drinkers.  This sucks and we are sorry. We pride ourselves on making great beer. This is why over the past year we have been investing heavily back into our brewery to ensure we are putting the best beer into the hands of our customers. 

Thank you for your support,

Noon Whistle Brewing