LOMBARD Music Bingo

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2022 AT 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at our Lombard Brewpub.

For those of you that like the idea of games at the bar, but hate the idea of thinking too much, come hang out and drink with your friends during Music Bingo – and win prizes!
Music Bingo is very similar to traditional bingo, except we will be playing clips of popular songs rather than reading off letters & numbers. The music ranges from the 1950’s all the way to today’s top hits, including fun themed rounds (80’s rock, 90’s hits, One Hit Wonders, and more).
Noon Whistle will be taking care of you as well with their delicious craft brews and great prizes for the winners all night!
Music Bingo is free to play, but pays out real prizes every single game, and every person that attends gets their own set of bingo cards, so the more friends/family you bring, the higher the chance someone will win at your table!