Noon Whistle Rob Boss Did It

Rob Boss Did It - 10.2%

Heaven Hill Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale. Scotch Ale aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels. “Rob” worked his art inside the barrels while we waited patiently outside. The sweetness from the ale balances perfectly with bourbon and spice notes of tobacco/ vanilla.

Noon Whistle Bourbon Barrel Face Smack

Bourbon Barrel Face Smack - 5.2%

Heaven Hill Barrel-aged Berliner Weiss Sour. Acidic, bready aroma on the nose with clean, lactic sour bite on the tongue. This batch of Face Smack Berliner Weiss has been aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.

Noon Whistle BA Imperial Bernie

BA. Imperial Bernie - 12.1%

This Imperial Milk Stout remains just as smooth, dark and delicious as its younger brother, Bernie Milk Stout. Aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels.

Noon Whistle BA Schwing

BA. Schwing - 12.8%

This Imperial Stout starts with a subtle nose of bittersweet cocoa rounded out by roasted malts and flavors of dark chocolate with a ​creamy and smooth mouthfeel with spicy undertones coming from Rye barrels.

BA. Nordicator - 9.6%

this Doppelbock has a toffee and raisin aroma that fades into a subtle rich chocolate and biscuit body. It finishes with dark fruit and notes of Rye Whiskey from the aging in Journeyman Rye Whiskey Barrels.

Eagle Berry- 14.9%

Imperial stout with strawberries agd in Eagle Rare barrels.