Ok Boomer- 6.6%

This one is for everyone out there who is needing a break from the hazys. Okay Boomer is a West Coast IPA made with First Forest Brewing. It has bold hoppy aromas and is fruity and tropical with slight bitterness on the backend. This West Coast ipa is just the change of pace you needed.

After Noon- 5.4%

An easy drinkin’ Pale Ale brewed with our fellow Lombard brewery, Afterthought. The characteristics of the hop aromas give off gentle notes of citrus and floral that carry you back to your favorite getaway spot. The light body of this beer keep it refreshing and smooth for any beer drinker to enjoy.

Off The Graph #30- 7.1%

We teamed up with our friends at Hopsteiner to bring you two brand new beers! Off the Graph was made with two hops that have never been used before; in fact, they haven’t even been named yet! Hop #30 and #62 were used to make these two IPAs. The big tropical aromas and flavors will keep you wanting more!

Off The Graph #62- 7.1%

We teamed up with our friends at Hopsteiner to bring you two brand new beers! Off the Graph was made with two hops that have never been used before; in fact, they haven’t even been named yet! Hop #30 and #62 were used to make these two IPAs. The big tropical aromas and flavors will keep you wanting more!

It's Noon, Where's Gary?- 7.0%

Brewed with Alarmist Brewing, this crisp, dank beer is a funky twist on an IPA! We added Salvo Centennial in the whirlpool, and dry hopped it with Ekuanot and Idaho 7. The malt backbone and abundant hop profile give this beer a nice balance between lager and hoppy IPA.⁣⁣

Be Excellent - 6.3%

This bodacious, hop forward Hazy IPA is like no other! Made for our 2021 block party with neighbor, Solemn Oath, this totally rad juicy beer is well balanced with Centennial, Amarillo, and Mixed Secret hops. Be Excellent gives off super charged aromas of citrus and grapefruit. It fills your mouth with robust flavors that make for an epic smooth finish.

Chumminess - 6.5%

Noon Whistle and BuckleDown go way back and since then, we have been destined to brew together and that day has finally arrived. We bring to you, Chumminess. A beer made on a foundation of friendship, camaraderie, and good times. This Rye IPA is made with three different rye malts and hopped with Cryo Motueka, Sabro, and Chinook hops.

Wake Up Hazy - 6.8%

We teamed up with our friends over at Manbot Coffee and created the perfect post holiday Hazy IPA, Wake Up Hazy. We worked closely with their roasters to combine a blend of stone fruit honey and cane sugar flavors that match perfectly with a hazy IPA. The pleasant roasty aromas and smooth taste make for a satisfying beer; finishing with characters of berry from the hops.

...And Juicestice for All - 8.3%

This Double Dry Hopped Double IPA is a collab with Mikerphone Brewing; and it is DANK! ...And Juicestice for All was made using only Yakima Chief Cryo hops. This means the hops are more concentrated which gives off very intense flavors! Filled with more hops than any other hazy we've brewed in a while, this hazy is sure to knock your socks off with bright citrus flavors and a gratifying, juicy finish

Dream Rodeo - 7.4%

Dream Rodeo is a collaboration with our friends at Pipeworks and is an ode to a time when West Coast IPA's were the go to beer. This brew showcases Idaho 7, Sabro, and Centennial hops giving it a balanced bitterness along with sweetness from the caramel and honey malt.

Your Gummy - 7.8%

This brew was made with Binny's Beverage Depot. It is filled with Mosaic, Citra, and Lemon Drop hops.

Your Gummy Vol. 2- 7.0%

We heard you! We teamed up with Binny's again to make this hazy IPA filled with Sabro and Mosaic hops, complete with deliciously sweet mangos! It is complex and flavorful; opening with aromas of citrus and berry melody, followed by flavors of sweet mango and tropical fruits.

Your Gummy Vol. 3- 6.9%

Vol. 3 debut is here! In collaboration with Binny's Beverage depot, this hazy IPA is loaded with Cryo Mosaic, Strata, and Galaxy hops. The added passionfruit give this brew bursting tropical flavors that pair nicely with the array of hops.

Gummybuddy- 6.6%

A collaboration with Iron & Glass, this Northeast IPA gets its' creamy body with the addition of lactose. Belma, Calypso, and Simcoe hops add citrusy, fruity aromas of tangerine, lime, and orange.

Paulupulin- 7.1%

We teamed up with Hopsteiner to make this crisp, clean, flavorful IPA. In this brew we experimented with hop oils, which are essential oils made from fresh hops and steam-distilled right out of the field at harvest time. These oils were used two different times in the brewing process to create a beautiful aroma, flavor, and bitterness.

Story of my Life- 7.6%

The dynamic duo of NWB and Bitter Pops Original Beer Shoppe, Story of my Life was inspiried by Friendships. The tropical juice NE IPA embodies all types of friendships, from those that have endured hardships to those that have yet to be discovered. This smooth IPA will take you through friendships that we write "stories of our lives."

Takes Two to Mango- 7.2%

This hazy IPA collab was with our friends at Bigby's Pour House. It is loaded with tons of juicy mango and dry hopped with Citra giving it a resinous, sweet smell and taste.

Holiday Fruitcake- 7.5%

Teaming up with Riverlands Brewing Company we produced this hazy holiday treat. We balanced many different flavors together so you can enjoy each sip differently. We bring to you pineapple, apricot, sweet cherry, Bourbon vanilla bean, almonds, and a hint of lactose. Dry hopped with Sabro, Vic Secret, and Motueka to bring out a little spice.

Look Both Ways with Coconut- 10.9%

Two Imperial Stout Variants were made with our friends at Whiskey Hill Brewing. Look Both Ways is smooth as silk with big malt flavors that give way to the richness of the sweet chocolate. This full bodied beauty is perfect for those cold Chicago winters!

Look Both Ways with Cocoa- 10.9%

The other Imperial Stout Variant that was made with Whiskey Hill Brewing. Containing the same silky character and chocolatey sweetness this brew is fitting for those cold winter nights!

Gummy Astro- 7.5%

This special collaboration merges Noon Whistle's Gummy series with popular astronaut NE IPA from Illuminated Brew Works. This hazy brew was dry hopped with El Dorado, Motueka, Vic Secret, and Citra hops. Gummy astro is filled with juicy citrus, pineapple, and passionfruit. Finishing with some hints of stone fruit and pear.

Stay Golden- 4.6%

Stay Golden was made with Woodhaven Lakes and pairs well with laughter, reminiscing, and great stories around a campfire surrounded by family and friends. This Golden Ale has a crisp light finish that will make you feel refreshed.

Stay Golden- 4.6%

This version of Stay Golden was dry hopped with Citra.

Dodging Traffic Imperial Stout with Coffee- 12.9%

A big Imperial Stout made with Coffee from our friends at Tugboat Coffee . It has red fruit notes that go together with the rich malty and sweet chocolate characters in the beer.

Dodging Traffic Imperial Stout with Coffee and Vanilla- 12.9%

The Vanilla Variant has aroma and flavors of dark chocolate with subtle notes of coffee and vanilla…leaving you with a deliciously sweet long lasting vanilla coating on the palate.

Royal Ugly Dudes- 14.1%

A big 'Ol Imperial stout made with the crew from Listermann Brewing. It has an extremely rich malty flavor and sweet aromas from the added strawberries.