We Be Log Jammin' - 7.1%

This delicious Black IPA is loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops and holds a delicate balance between hoppy and roasty from the black malt.

Lit - 8.2%

We combined Noble and Hallertau hops to bring you an Imperial Pilsner. The strong malt character holds up great with the floral aroma and taste. Sip carefully with this one, or you might just get LIT.

Sound and Vision - 9.5%

Sound and Vision is a Golden Belgian Ale that is fruity, dry, and light on spice. Has a medium body, delicate sweet malt character with a crisp bitter effervescence. Sound and Vision is deceivingly drinkable and speaks loudly with complexity.

Good Piebrations - 6.5%

The inviting smells of this blonde ale are citrusy and sharp. The biscuit character from the malt provide the pie crust flavor; while the tart key lime puree and sweetening vanilla blend together nicely creating a flavor so graceful you won’t be able to put it down!

Good Piebrations - 6.7%

Another delicious flavor added to the Good Piebrations pastry series, Maple Pecan. The fresh maple pecan aromas of this brown ale will carry you through the entire experience. The first sip of sweetness transforms your taste buds and will have you thinking you are eating your Thanksgiving Maple Pecan Pie

Good Piebrations - 6.5%

This Pastry Sour bears aromas of sweet cherries and vanilla that carry throughout your nose. Your first sip will have your mouth watering as the flavors of juicy cherry take over. A finishing touch of pie crust and brown sugar leave you with a satisfying aftertaste. It’s like taking a bite out of grandma’s homemade sweet cherry pie!

Chata- 6.2%

Our take on the refreshing Mexican beverage, this Belgian Wit contains classic notes of spice clove and coriander, with flavors of sweet cinnamon and creamy vanilla. Salud!

Freshman @ Life Kolsch-Style Ale


One of our lightest beer in house. This beer has a yellow hue with a slightly fruity and mild bread aromas and flavor. A nice golden color with a nice white head.

Twisted Reality - 8.1%

This hazy IPA will twist your palette into another reality! The Amarillo and Motueka hops used give this beer sweet floral, tropical, and zingy citrus characteristics with hints of orange.

Citrazon - 5.0%

This Citra Saison is soft, spicy and citrusy. Smooth and silky at first sip. Carried by the strong citrus aroma with a subtle spice from the yeast. A cloudy yet distinctive light orange appearance shows off the malt.

Noon Whistle 10,000 Ways

10,000 Ways - 6.6%

Amarillo, Azacca and Vic Secret hops make up this Hazy IPA. It is full of juicy, sweet tropical fruit flavors kissed with citrus and has an aromatic flurry of flowers creating a smell and taste that will leave you wanting more.

Noon Whistle Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride - 7.2%

You may be in over your head with the mass amount of Cryo Citra, Ekonaut and Motueka hops that make up this Hazy IPA but theres no turning back now! So grab your ticket, hop on the haze craze and enjoy the complex array of aromas and flavors. This brew is refreshing and sweet with zingy citrus and tropical fruit flavors along with fresh herbal notes and hints of dried fruit around the edges.

Noon Whistle Rubix

RUBIX - 7.2%

West Coast IPA. Clean, dry and nicely hopped West Coast influenced IPA. We used Simcoe, Vic Secret and Amarillo hops. Nice golden appearance and easy drinking.

Spoken Lyric - 10.2%

We became busy bees making this Triple IPA with Amarillo, Citra, and Azacca hops. AND of course loads of honey from a local bee keeper. 260 pounds of sweet, thick, golden liquid to be exact; making it un-BEE-livebly delicious.

Noon Whistle Da Percolator

Da Percolator - 8.5%

Scotch Ale with Coffee. Blended with Ethiopian coffee from our friends at Five & Hoek in Wheaton, IL. The coffee notes hit your nose and palate first, following with a sweet, malty finish - creating the perfect balance.

Waving at Strangers - 11.2%

Waving at Strangers is malt forward, has a full rich body with beautiful dark brown colors and ruby highlights. This English Style Barleywine showcases flavors of chocolate, toffy and dried fruit characters which are balanced by the warming alcohol. Coming in at 11.2% this sweet little sipper must be enjoyed responsibly.

High Falutin - 8.5%

Scotch Ale. Rich and malty with intense caramel flavors. Bold up front with some undertones of dried fruits in the finish.

Cumbersome - 5.0%

Cumbersome is smooth and easy to drink! This Saison is pale in color, has a light spicy aroma and a crips and refreshing finish.

Not At the table Carlos - 7.5%

Whilst strolling down an orchard field, the luscious fruity aromas of the new yeast, Cosmic Punch, gently waft through. The exquisite Cashmere hops from that first sip give off enriching melon flavors followed by a light blueberry candy from the Mosaic hop, finishing with a splash of pineapple from the Sultana hop. Making this sensuous beer your ultimate desire.

Wet hop with comet - 5.5%

Once a year fresh hops are harvested then immediately brought back to the brewhouse to be directly added into the kettle. The brew team were able to head down to Loda, IL and harvest these Comet hops from Landlocked hops. These hops give a tropical, citrus, and floral aroma and flavor in this Pale Ale.

Wet hop - 5.6%

Fresh off the bine; 250 pounds of wet Citra hops from Perrault Farms in Washington. Within hours of being picked these hops were delivered overnight and used immediately to make a one of a kind Pale Ale. This Wet Hopped Pale Ale has intense herbal and green flavors that you can only get from ultra fresh hops.

Wet hop blend - 6.5%

The last 2021 Wet Hop beer we brewed with Frozen Wet Hops from Yakima Chief to bring you a slightly different special flavor. Made with Azacca, Mosaic, and Cascade hops, this is the first year the process of flash freezing wet hops has been done. We use wet hops to brew these beers as a celebration of wet hop season coming to an end! This allows us to bring you unexpected, unique flavors that each growing season provides. The diversity that these hops offer include fresh grapefruit mango tropical pine, and jolly rancher!

Peel - 3.8%

Light and refreshing with a crisp dose of grapefruit. The distinctive yeast and unfiltered style provides a base to support the thirst quenching citrus flavors.

Classic Mixtape - 6.0%

We pumped up the jam for this this sour IPA with raspberries! Amped up with Mosaic and Citra hops that give a unique play list of tropical and berry fruitfulness aromas and flavors. Sour notes from the raspberry round out the bitterness making this beer a top hit!

One Life - 7.5%

A full bodied IPA thatis packed with citrus characters from the red grapefruit, orange, and papaya along with earthy and black tea undertones. You only get one life; enjoy it with good people and people you love!

Jam Stand Blackberry Raspberry - 4.8%

This fruited sour is bursting with blackberries and raspberries and has a nice tart flavor throughout.

Jam Stand Pomegranate Blueberry Orange- 6.0%

This fruited sour is bursting with pomegranate blueberries and orange flavors and has a nice tartness throughout.

Jam Stand Apricot Mango Pineapple- 6.5%

This fruited sour is bursting with Apricot, Mango and Pineapple flavors and has a nice tartness throughout.

Jam Stand Blueberry Lemon- 6.5%

This fruited sour is exploding with blueberry flavors along with a faint hint of lemon and a nice tart flavor throughout.

Radical New Therapy- 7.4%

Radical New Therapy is a Double Hazy IPA that was made with Idaho 7, Nelson and Citra hops. These hops give off a strong citrus aroma with a punch of juicy tropical flavors and a faint note of earthy undertones.

Dub Dub- 10.6%

Carefully crafted with Azacca, and Cashmere hops, this hazy IPA opens with aromas of tropical melon, pineapple, and peach. The intense flavors will take you on a journey filled with juicy citrus and a light hoppy finish.

Right Near the Peach, Boyeeeeeeeeeeeee! - 7.6%

Loaded with juicy, ripe peach, tons of luscious peachy flavor and natural sour notes. Rounded out by a gentle bitterness from Azacca and Amarillo hops. It's a bit like day drinkin' at a farmers market.

Hop Prism Gold - 6.7%

This Hop Prism is bright, clean, crisp and DANK! Loaded with New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops, this beer is sure to entice your inner hophead.

Hop Prism Indigo - 6.8%

Golden IPA with Citra, Simcoe, and Ekuanot hops.

Hop Prism Flamingo Pink - 6.9%

Loaded with Amarillo, Idaho 7 and Vic Secret hops, this India Pale Ale holds intense floral notes and bright juicy citrus flavors, ending with a crisp, refreshing well-balanced bitterness.

Noon Whistle Lilacia

Lilacia - 4.8%

Saison. Soft and Spicy with hints of pepper on the nose. Smooth and silky at first sip. Moderate citrus aroma with a touch of spice coming from the yeast. A cloudy distinctive light orange appearance shows off the malt.

Noon Whistle M-Punk

M-Punk - 5.0%

A good dose of mosaic hops on the nose, balanced with a small amount of oats, gives this mystic Amber beauty it's smooth body and balanced bitterness.

Frothie - 4.7%

Coming in at 4.7% this premium lager is refreshing and light with a crisp, smooth taste.

Noon Whistle Smack This


Black Sour. Chocolate burnt notes on the nose. The taste starts with an even sweetness followed with a nice sour that will hit the back of your tongue. Finishes clean.

Noon Whistle Kind House

Kind House - 4.8%

American IPA. Citrusy, Piney, with hints of pear and mango. Aromas will jump out at you before you take your first sip. A nice copper color is secondary in this beer, letting the hops take the lead. Calypso hops are prominent in this beer with additions of Citra and Galaxy.

Pickle Someone Your Own Size - 5.0%

This one's for you, pickle lovers! Pickle Someone Your Own Size is a sour ale that is lightly hopped with Simcoe. The hops give off a light citrus flavor that pairs well with the tart and saltiness from the pickles. Oh, and did we mention it's LOADED with pickles. Make a toast, take a sip, and remember to always Pickle Someone Your Own Size!⁣

Noon Whistle Face Smack


Berliner Weiss. Acidic and bready aroma is up front on the nose, with a clean lactic sour bite on the tongue. Very light and refreshing. Optional Woodruff and Lingonberry syrups offered in the brewery to cut the sourness.

Noon Whistle S-Punk

S-PUNK - 5.0%

A traditional American Session IPA with loaded with Simcoe hops.

Bruski - 4.6%

Bruski is a beautifully copper colored Czech-style Pilsners. The malt makes this beer slightly sweet with toasted bready aromas and flavors that are balanced with saaz hops.

Noon Whistle Hipsters vs. Lumberjacks


Vanilla Red Ale. Mild Vanilla on the nose from the fresh Madagascar beans added with a touch of sweetness upon first sip. A smooth creamy mouthfeel from the oats all balanced nicely with a caramel malt flavor finishing very clean in preparation for the next sip.

FestBier - 5.7%

With similar characteristics to the modern Oktoberfest lager, Festbier is sure to be just as smooth and clean. This lager has a deep gold color, crisp and toasty mouthfeel, and light floral finish. Once you raise your stein to this fine Festbier, there is no putting it down. Prost!

Bat walk - 4.9%

Bat Walk is a Pseudo Lager because it has all the traditional malt that goes into a Schwarzbier but instead of a lager yeast we used Lutra Kveiik; giving this bier a clean refreshing taste with hints of chocolate and coffee.

Flashlight - 5.1%

Rounded and smooth this refreshing Blonde Ale is approachable and easy to drink.

HooRoo - 4.7%

This refreshing pale ale will go down easy at the barbie; light golden hue, peppery, and somewhat earthy.

Citizen Juice - 5.2%

Mosaic Pale Ale with tropical and fruity notes.

Noon Whistle Morning Schwing

Morning Schwing - 10.8%

Imperial Stout made with Maple Syrup and Columbian Coffee from our friends at Five & Hoek.

Shampaggin' - 5.2%

A refreshingly light-bodied Brut IPA featuring Mosaic and Citra hops, with a bubbly and effervescent mouthfeel. Rounded out by a dry, crisp finish, similar to the sensation from the fizzy bubbles on a glass of champagne.

Shimmy - 4.8%

Shimmy is light, crisp, and refreshing! Made with Cascade and Eukanot hops; this brew is jam packed with fruit flavors and aromas of lemon, lime, and tropical fruit along with beautiful floral and herbal notes.

Escape Wheel - 10.2%

Aromas of plum and spices add an irresistible element to this dark, rich and malty brew. While flavors of chocolate, caramel and raisin will be bouncing along your tongue and locking your pallet into a wheel of flavory goodness!

Bernie irish Coffee Milk Stout - 6.0%

A slightly sweeter take on the same dark and delicious profile with strong coffee and light cream flavors. The perfect beer for your favorite parade.

Tiramisu - 12.6%

this imperial stout starts with a subtle nose of bittersweet coffee and sweet vanilla, rounded out by roasted malts and flavors of cocoa with a creamy and smooth mouthfeel.

Noon Whistle Imperial Bernie


Imperial Milk Stout. Bernie’s bigger brother! All the same flavors, but with a bit more punch. This Imperial Milk Stout remains just as smooth, dark and delicious as it's younger brother, Bernie Milk Stout.

Noon Whistle Schwing

SCHWING! - 8.3%

This Imperial Stout starts with a subtle nose of bittersweet cocoa rounded out by roasted malts and flavors of dark chocolate with a ​creamy and smooth mouthfeel.