Coconut Suggestion Taproom Release

🥥🌟 Embark on the Quest for Holy Coconut! 🌰✨

Releasing Thursday, December 21st, at both locations. Starting at noon! 

Greetings, Seekers of the Holy Coconut! The hallowed halls of our Naperville Tasting Room and Lombard Brewpub witness the grand unveiling of Coconut Suggestion Stout – a stoutly potion, where the roasted malt character and toasted coconut battle on your palette for victory! Roasted malts wield their flavor swords alongside the shielded coconut, creating a legendary pairing. At 6.9%, this stout strikes a great balance – a quest for flavor without overwhelming the senses, fit for knights and adventurers alike.
This brew pairs perfectly with noble feasts, or also spicy dishes, contrasting the roasted sweetness of the coconut. Embark on the Coconut Suggestion Quest today! For flavor, for merriment, for the sheer joy of the coconut-infused realm! Cheers to the quest! 🍻🥥