Lil Jug Watermelon Taproom Release

🍉✨ Lil Jug Watermelon is on draft starting Friday Dec 29th!
Lil Jug Watermelon – our soda-inspired ale is now on draft at the Lombard Brewpub and Naperville Tasting Room. Dip into the essence of summer as this limited-time brew brings the taste of summer to these somewhat cold winter months.
🌈 Slightly tart and bursting with watermelon, we’re getting straight watermelon Jolly Rancher vibes on this one with a solid 5%ABV. One of our all-time favorite candies! Indulge in the nostalgia of childhood with the perfect blend of sweetness and crispness that creates an enchanting brew that’s both playful and a little sophisticated. 😉🌟
On draft only, with no crowlers or growlers to go on this one. We have a very limited amount and want to share the love. Come on into the Naperville Tasting Room or Lombard Brewpub to try it today!