Nova American Pale Ale Release

✨ 🍺 Nova American Pale Ale 🍺 ✨
Releasing July 3rd at the Lombard Brewpub and Naperville Tasting Rooms, this American Pale Ale is made with Cryo Centennial and Cashmere hops giving it big citrus bursts of fresh grapefruit rind, lemon zest, and peach. The cryogenically frozen Centennial hops are the star of the show on this one. ✨ If you are not familiar with this process, hop cones are frozen with liquid nitrogen, then the lupulin glands are separated from the leaf. The beauty of this process is cryo hops can add intense aroma and flavor to your beer without the more vegetative notes. This creates an explosion of hop aroma and flavor without the less desirable astringent qualities. Nova is the perfect summer crusher, pairs great with bqq, safe fireworks, and independence.
Cheers and Happy 4th of July everyone!