Tringo at the Naperville Tasting Room

🎉🍻 Get Ready to TRINGO at Our Naperville Tasting Room – Where Trivia Meets Bingo! 🌟🎲
Hold onto your thinking caps and get your bingo daubers ready because FREE TO PLAY TRINGO is coming to our Naperville Tasting Room this Wednesday at 7 PM! 🧠🍺
What’s TRINGO, you ask? It’s the love child of trivia and bingo – a fusion of fun, knowledge, and a dash of friendly competition that’ll have you laughing, thinking, and winning in no time! 🎉🤓
So, gather your trivia squad, polish your bingo dabber, and join us for an evening of TRINGO magic. It’s not your average Wednesday – it’s filled with laughter, knowledge, and the unbeatable thrill of TRINGO! See you there!