Brunch and Beats at the Lombard Brewpub


🍳🎶 Modular Brews Brunch & Chill: Live Lo-Fi Beats by Red Stripe Down Event – Sunday, Dec 3rd! ☕✨
Ease into your Sunday with the perfect blend of flavors and beats at our Modular Brews Brunch & Chill event! 🍳🎶 Join us on December 3rd for a brunch experience like no other, featuring mouthwatering delights and the smooth live lo-fi beats curated by Red Stripe Down. It’s a brunch that’s not just a meal; it’s a melody for your taste buds and your soul. 🎵🥂
🎶 Live Lo-Fi Beats by Red Stripe Down:
As you savor the flavors, immerse yourself in the laid-back vibes of live lo-fi beats courtesy of Red Stripe Down. Let the soothing melodies create the perfect backdrop for your brunch, adding an extra layer of relaxation to your Sunday morning. 🌅🎹

Call in at (630) 376-6895 to the Lombard Brewpub to secure your spot for a Sunday morning of brunch and chill! Make your reservation now and ensure you don’t miss out on this harmonious fusion of culinary delights and live beats. 🌐🍽️