OG Gummy Variety Pack Release

🍻 The OG Mixed Gummy Variety Pack Dropping on 12/5! 💥

We’re proud to unveil our Original Mixed Gummy Variety Pack at both our Naperville Tasting Room and Lombard Brewpub on 12/5! Featuring Gummy Vortex, Don’t Worry Be Gummy, Squishy Gummy, and Gummypocalypse. 🕺

The Lineup:
🍬 Gummy Vortex: Dive into a vortex of fruity madness with this flavor-packed gummy brew that’ll have you swirling in delight.
🍇 Squishy Gummy: Get ready for a squishy sensation as this gummy creation bursts with juicy grape goodness. It’s like a gummy hug for your taste buds!
🌋 Gummypocalypse: Brace yourself for a flavor apocalypse of epic proportions with this gummy brew that unleashes an explosion of fruity chaos.
🎈 Don’t Worry Be Gummy: Let go of your worries and embrace the carefree spirit of this easygoing gummy sensation. No worries, just gummies!

📅 Mark Your Calendar: 12/5
📍 Locations: Lombard Brewpub and Naperville Tasting Room

🎁 Perfect for Gifting (or Keeping for Yourself!):
Looking for the ultimate holiday gift or a treat for yourself? The Original Mixed Gummy Variety Pack is the answer! Share the gummy love with friends or savor the flavors solo – either way, it’s a gummy adventure you won’t want to miss.